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Dancing Joy is a film that celebrates the innate beauty in every culture and people.  The music is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, the Choral,  which introduced human voices and the poetry of Freidrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy,” in a symphonic masterpiece.  To this, dancers of 21 cultures created original choreography, drawing on their traditional movement and their own inspiration.  Venues include natural and historical settings.  Never before has such a project been attempted--a collaborative creation by world artists, filmed in significant locations, for the purpose of peace.

A worldwide collaboration

An exhaustive worldwide search identified dance groups who preserved their root cultures and had a global vision.  Months of collaboration and preparation were necessary, sharing the music, the choreography, and the logistical planning. Finally, the crew traveled to each location, to shoot the actual dance.  


Filming involved 56,000 miles of travel to 19 cities in 10 nations around the world, shooting  from the ground, from the air, on mountains and in water.  Director Lan Tsubata worked intensively with the choreographers and dancers, to accentuate their beauty and grace. Cinematographer Henrik Meyer and ace camera operator Yousuke Kiname captured the amazing dance work on multiple cameras.  Local unit production crews and supporters added their expertise to the production to surmount language barriers, logistical challenges and weather conditions.

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