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"A love letter to humanity."

"Dancing Joy is like no movie I have seen before. "

"Amazing filming and photography."

"D***! World Peace!"

"A masterpiece"

"I was moved to tears" 

"Fantasia for dance enthusiasts"

"A gift to the world."

"Celebration of human spirit"

"The Creator and Beethoven must be crying with joy!"

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"I couldn't stop smiling" 

"Feeling of togetherness among cultures."

"Extremely moved by not only the film but the passion behind it!"

"It brought a vibration through my whole body" 

"I could watch this movie forever" 

"Tells a story that must be hard"

"Absolutely the most enjoyable presentation I've experienced." 

"Different traditions but dancing to the same song in their own ways." 

"The words written as the choir sang was very helpful." 

"Oneness with all of humanity ."

"Visiting countries in music ."

"I want to dance with them. 

All of them."

"The unity of dancers and their cultures and the beauty of nature."

"I was transported from my body to another realm"

"It took me on a travel journey" 

"This is what the world needs now" 

"Will never forget it" 

"The joy of dance in promoting peace and the realization of all being equal."

"Roller coaster of emotions"

"A true portrait of the global dancing community, and proof that the dance moves all of us equally, and it has the power to lift us up, transcending cultures, languages and backgrounds ."

"filled with joy, love and energy for goodness. It moves the hearts to realize that we have the same ultimate desire ."

"Oneness with all of humanity ."

"Two universal languages come together and allow you to travel the world."

"Touched me deep in the heart"

"Unity within movement ."

"I want to dance with them. 

All of them."

"Bravo!! The dancing, the body language of the dancers, the scenery tells a story and sends a lovely message of peace!"