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Prospectus: DaNCING JOY


This is a collaborative project, involving dancers from some 21 different dance forms and cultures, performing their unique choreography to different sections of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The various dances will be edited together to tell a story without words.The music and the dances weave a universal message, which can be understood by any audience.The overall feeling is dramatic, respectful and inspirational.


This 90-minute feature will have elements of a documentary, and elements of a narrative feature. The story will be told through the picture, soundtrack and natural sound. Subtitles in English and the native language will identify the respective dance groups, culture and location.

The dance groups are chosen based on both the type of dance they do (the culture they embody) and on their vision regarding humanity. They choreograph to various segments of the symphony that fit the tempo and feeling of their dance form.  

High-quality camerawork is essential to the film's approach.  This comprises the largest expenditure of the production.

The resulting footage is being assembled and edited centrally in the United States.

The completed film will be introduced in festivals, and marketed to various national and international film markets. It is intended to have some theatrical release, and eventually broadcast through cable, streaming, airline, Video on Demand, \or other content dissemination channels.


Market Snapshot

The natural audience groups for this include:

  • Artistic: those highly interested in music, dance, culture and visual arts.

  • Global professionals:  internationally-aware people active in social development. 

  • Families:  families that value education, care about people, have strong generational bonds, and preserve their own ethnicity and traditions.

Comparison Films

View similar films, their budgets and their box office performance, in the PPM here.

Post Production

The final editing and effects (if any) will be done centrally, in the U.S.The resulting 90-minute feature will be mastered in appropriate formats for theatrical presentation at film festivals.

Sales Strategy

During the entire course of the pre-production, production and post-production, there will be an ongoing Vlog and Blog, to build awareness and anticipation for the film's release, as well as being a“behind the scenes” journal.


As both independent and global in nature, the film seeks investment from a wide range of people and organizations.  For those who wish to give a direct contribution, any amount is gratefully accepted. To give a direct gift, click here.  

 However, those who wish to make a significant investment as with the hopes of sharing in any profits generated may do so by reading the Private Placement Memorandum and filling out the subscription agreement.  

Official Private Placement Memorandum: Click Here

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