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We are now accepting pre-orders for the Premiere Blu-Ray package of this groundbreaking film.  A beautiful notification of your purchase will be provided for holiday gift purposes. 


Dancing Joy takes you on a musical and pictorial journey around the world, experiencing Beethoven’s immortal Symphony No. 9 through the traditional dance of 21 cultures.  You’ll be transported, immersed in the beauty of one of the world’s greatest compositions, and the beautiful scenery and traditions of many nations.  The uplifting words of the “Ode to Joy” come to life in a new way.  A film the whole family can thrill to—and will want to enjoy again and again. 


Each deluxe package will allow viewers to enjoy this film in the home setting. 




1)      Full-length film, in brilliant High Definition

2)      Closed captions in 10 languages

3)      “Behind the Scenes” material

4)      Interviews with key production team

5)      Written program notes with background on the dance groups, locations

Dancing Joy Deluxe Blu-ray (Pre-Order)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Delivery to take place late January/early February 2020

    ***IMPORTANT - This Blu Ray is NTSC Region A (Americas, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia)