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Stone Soup Moviemaking

You've all heard the story. A stranger comes to town, exciting local curiosity. Pressed to explain his presence, he imparts a wonderful secret. "I have a magic stone, and it makes any pot of water into the most delicious soup imaginable. Excited, the villagers ask to see a demonstration. Asking for their largest pot to be filled with water, he begins boiling the water, and carefully drops in the magic stone. As the pot bubbles and steams, he tastes it, frequently. "How is it?" says the villagers. "Oh, wonderful" he says. "Only a few carrots would add to it greatly." "I have carrots!" one exclaims, and brings a bunch of carrots from his home, which are added to the pot. Sipping it again, he shakes his head. "Onions would make it perfect." And of course, someone happens to have onions. This same process repeats: potatoes, meat, turnips, barley, some herbs, a bit of salt, a handful of beans. Each household ends up contributing one ingredient to the "magic" soup. Finally, the visitor pronounces it ready, and everyone in the village partakes. "It's true!" they marvel "It's the best soup ever! That stone is truly magical!"

The story illustrates something real. We tend to let our gifts languish on the shelf, convinced that a measly bunch of carrots, or onions, or beans, could never make a wonderful meal. Yet, when combined with others' offerings, our "small" gift can become part of an amazing experience, that nourishes us all.

A film involves so many different gifts and talents. Visual artists, accountants, drivers and cooks--everyone is needed in the course of making a movie. Let me ask you, "What gift, talent, asset do you have that you currently aren't using?" I'd like to invite you to contribute that "small" thing to the project we are doing. I think you'll be amazed at the magic that is produced!

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