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Indiegogo Campaign is live!

So, one of the most interesting parts of this film will it be funded? As one wise person told me: "Nothing happens until money walks in the door."

Think about it: before a camera is turned on, there are so many physical actions and materials and skills that have to be organized. A production requires the skills of so many people, and hundreds of elements to be arranged. Even a "simple" project requires intensive scheduling and logistics. Creating a film in 25 locations with different on-camera talent, different languages, different climates? You can imagine the challenges!

Thank goodness, however, we have a few tools available to us today that allow us to reach not just the "qualified investors" upon which the film world has depended, but people of every sector.

After much research and debate, our production team decided to do an Indiegogo campaign. We are inviting people to become patrons of the film, at whatever financial level they feel comfortable. With a total budget of $350,000, even a $25 contribution is a significant amount. We were deeply moved to have a number of people contribute four times--or ten times--that amount, which of course is incredibly helpful.

The campaign is now launched, but the biggest factor in having the success we hope for is good old-fashioned word of mouth! We need people to share this--to your email lists, to your facebook friends, to your organizational newsletter, to your twitter or other networks.

How many times does someone get a chance to create a lasting work of peace? Not enough. This film project allows us all to "vote" with our wallets, not for a political agenda, but for humanity as a whole.

May I ask your help? Would you consider sharing this and adding your recommendation to others?

In hopes that you are saying "Yes," here is the link. Have a glorious day!

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