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Tools of the Trade

Our Camera Team is here! Last night was a bit like Christmas in reverse. First we had a bit meal, all together, then our core team met to discuss technical and scheduling issues.

Then, the men unpacked all the boxes and bags that have been arriving, and spent hours assembling the gear into operational form. This morning, we'll do a test shoot, to see what kind of frame format we want to shoot the entire film in. After looking at what we shoot in a rough edit form, we will make some final adjustments and then meet up with our first dancer.

Due to weather, we have to be flexible about our shooting schedule. Our hope is to shoot most of the groups outside, to get the best light and backgrounds. However, we are having to find alternatives, for indoor shooting, when rain is likely.

By the way, we're launching our Vlog, "Following Joy," which will be a sort of video journal of the making of the movie. Please follow us as we film amazing dancers, see new places and experience each culture.

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