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One of the most powerful actions that we do, each day, is to polish something. Polishing both cleans and adds brilliance to that element. When we polish even the most mundane item--the car, the pot, the floor--we make it beautiful, and we add a sense of wonder to it.

We also polish our work. In most jobs, we have "rough" versions of a product, and then we have polished versions. The rough version may have the basic structure--the necessary elements are in place, but it's still not perfect, not totally harmonious. We are never satisfied with the "rough" version of something we love. We want--we need--to go back and remove the extra pieces, add the improvements, smooth it and streamline it, and make it shine. Only when we can look at it from every angle, and feel it is seamless, shining, solid--do we feel able to let it go forth into the world.

In the same way, we can "polish" each moment of our lives, each interaction with others. We can smooth the rough spots. We can fill the gaps. And we can add the shine, the light, the brilliance to that interchange. As we do this, we become aware of the immense power we hold inside, a power that is available and accessible at a single moment. We have the power to shine. We each contain an unstoppable brilliance. As we notice, and add value, to every person and every product that we touch, we bring recognition to that situation.

Dare to shine. Dare to polish whatever is at hand. Dare to bring all your talent to every moment. It will make the ordinary--extraordinary. You will feel the joy! (A special reminder of the brilliance of all human beings can be found in our film Dancing Joy. Check it out!


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