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Film for Peace

It seems every time we hear the news, it's bad. Death, violence, hate, destruction.

Turning to "entertainment", it's often stories about (you guessed it) death, violence, hate and destruction.

Is this really what we want in our lives? I know I don't.

A few of us have a different idea. "What if we told a different type of story? What if we created films that are about Life, goodness, love, creation?"

What if audiences, instead of covering their eyes and cringing as they watch, were to be able to open their hearts?

What if entire families could see a film together again?

What if movies could help us understand others, instead of suspect them?

This is the genesis of Family Wave, and in particular, the film we are currently producing.

Through dance and music, and gorgeous photography, the audience will encounter each other's cultures--and see the beauty there.

When we see the value of each other, we also see the value inside the self.

We are excited to go on this filmmaking journey, and to take you along with us.

Welcome! We're glad you're here.

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