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Filming for Peace

One of the simple truths that often eludes even the most sophisticated of us is that peace is the minimum, the base, for all other good things to happen.

A family--or a company--or a nation--without peace is going to spend huge amounts of energy, time, money and human effort--just dealing with the hostility.

Where there is no peace, financial security can't begin.

Where peace exists, investment and talent will come.

Without peace, poverty and loss and disease spread quickly.

Peace is needed for a society to be able to do the real work of education, building, and providing healthful environment to its people.

Where a society is stable and peaceful, growth can happen. Opportunity can be created. Human rights can flourish.

Someone asked me "Why are you creating this movie? You have no guarantees it will be successful. You could lose money. You don't know who would watch it or buy it." All true.

When I reach down inside myself, however, my stubborn little inner voice keeps saying, "I want to show the world a vision of what peace looks like." I see this, already, I see the beautiful film we'll make, I see the dancers and the film team and the people who will be touched by it. I see the audience of the movie, sitting with tears of joy pouring down their faces. I see the whole thing...and I know it's possible.

How can I say no? How can anyone say no to building peace?

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