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Spirit and Matter

Science tell us that all the things we see and touch and feel are made out of energy. All the "stuff" of the universe is actually some form of energy.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can, however, be transformed.

So we, and everything we know, are formed from this invisible powerful stuff.

I feel our minds are a type of "energy command system." Our thinking helps create the way energy behaves around us. As we think, so do we speak, and so do we act. So each of us is a being of immense creative power. We can wield powerful energetic forces, merely through the consciousness we cultivate in our minds.

Because we are all energy, we are connected to vibration--to frequencies. Low frequencies means a slowing--high frequencies mean increased speed and pitch and warmth.

Music and dance are universal forces because they involve all these basic elements of the universe. There is vibration and frequency, there is tempo, and there is intentional thought and movement. Most of all, there is thought, ideas that we have that impel the music or the dance to be created.

The highest energy, I believe, is that of love. When we love, we work on the most universal energy level. Love, combined with intention, and carried out through physical elements, is the essence of all art, all truth and love and beauty.

When someone creates music--when they create a dance--when they design or paint or build something--they are thinking of a recipient. They are sending a message. They are expressing something.

The healing of our world--of our souls--is inextricably tied to this process. Until we can imagine health, goodness, justice, abundance, or benefit--these things can't happen. We each have the ability to reach into the deepest longings of our souls--and to express our wishes in some creative form.

Each of us is an artist, a creator, an energy-channel. We can create good, or we can continue the wrongs, but we are always in that process of affecting the world.

The amazing truth is that peace--and solutions to all problems--is not a far distant goal, but is actually only a click away. That "click" is the realization inside, that we are all part of each other. Truly, how we treat and think about others is what we set into motion in our own lives.

I would love to give each person a magic mirror that they could look into and see the amazing, infinite and unique self that they represent in all of time and space. I would love to see the "aha!" moment, dawn breaking on their faces, as they glimpse their own enormous potential and greatness.

My hope in making the movie, "Dancing Joy," is to give people a glimpse into the power each of us can have, to think and create, and to communicate a vision. I hope you'll be inspired by this idea, and help co-create this project!

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