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Faith, Hope and Love

I used to think that faith was just to blindly believe something. I've learned that faith is something that we exert--like effort. It's a choice, but it's not passive or automatic, it's a choice that takes some energy and conscious intention on our part.

Hope is even more mysterious. Hope allows us to hang on, even when things look impossible. Some say that hope is evidence of life--where there is life, there is hope.

And love. Love is so powerful. Love is truly a healing force, a live-giving force, and a transformational force. Love conquers armies and financial empires and miserable circumstances. Love reverses centuries of wrongdoing.

As artists, we can often become lost if we think only of our performance, our abilities, our approval from others. But if we fix our sights out--on humanity--and we decide to use our art to convey love to those precious people--miracles happen.

Our world needs miracles. We teeter on the brink of a thousand terrible pits. At such a time, we desperately need these three elements, these healing remedies: faith, hope, love.

If you are struggling, please know that your struggle is important, and that you are a significant force in turning back the tide that tries to overwhelm us. Please have hope. Please exert your faith, actively, that what you hope for can be accomplished. And please know that love is the force that never fails. One way or the other, love will boomerang back, bringing every true and good thing into our lives.

You are an unstoppable being of immense power. Have hope. Have faith. And have love. Always.

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