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Folk Dance Group Raices Hondurenas

On February 4, a celebration was held at St. Catherine Labaure Catholic Church

of Wheaton, Maryland, honoring Our Lady of Suyapa. This is a traditional holiday celebrated on February 3 in Honduras. Many gathered for mass, a fundraiser, food, and entertainment. A beautifully crafted portrait of the Blessed Mother in dyed sawdust was on display. It was handcrafted by two men and took them three hours, working from the center outward, into a picture of Saint Maria. In Honduras, such artworks can fill an entire street during this festival. The highlight of the celebration was a series of dances by Grupo Folklorico Raices Hondurenas. Weaving in and out, with colorful costumes and dramatic movement, the dancers captivated the audience. Grupo Folklorico Raices Hondurenas are representing Honduran culture and tradition in our upcoming movie, "Dancing Joy." Below are the founders and choreographers of the group, and a few of the performers in costume.

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