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We're underway!

Whew! It's been an exciting few months, getting the film going. We are still raising funds (Hint, hint: remember the Paypal button is just two clicks from here!) But for now, we are moving into the next stages. We have a strong core of dance companies who are working hard on their respective choreography. From the videos we're seeing, each group is doing amazing work. Dance Coordinator Lan Tsubata is visiting the groups, to meet and help prepare for filming. In several of the countries where we will be shooting, we have coordinators working hard translating, finding locations and organizing the practical details.

Our Director of Photography and First Cameraman are also working hard. Getting Drone training and certification; helping plan equipment and shot lists; helping work out the travel plans.

On the office side, Sarah is researching locations. Mie is researching licenses. I'm running around between all these tasks, trying to make a comprehensive plan, and not forget any of the details.

As we progress, we have had a few groups bow out, and a few new ones join in. We're very grateful, however, for all those who have become a part of the project, even if they don't become a "front of the camera" participant. We've had people help with expertise, skills, advice and skills. This film is really an "iceberg" where 90 percent of the talent and effort are beneath the surface. So, thank you to all who are adding your energy and gifts to this effort!

Finally, it must be said that our physical donors and those who are offering "in-kind" support are truly visionary. The thanks I can offer in words does not measure up to the value of your help. I'm just praying that you will be blessed "packed down and overflowing."

Finally, if there are any inspired folks who would like to become a part of this, we need lots and lots of help! Send us an email, text us, or call. Help make a film that truly fits the description "inspirational!"

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