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Locations, Locations, Locations!

The past couple of weeks have been intensive times of preparation. Our "home team" has been working tirelessly to find great places to film each of our wonderful dance groups. At the same time, we had to research our travel itinerary--for more than 20 different cities, towns and countries!

We finally have our travel and shooting schedule nearly final. We've also obtained our cameras, and all the other equipment we need to film the dance. I can't believe it, but we are just one week away from rolling camera!

Here are just a few places that we will be filming:

  • Washington D.C. (a few places)

  • Elkins, West Virginia

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

  • New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

  • Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Athens, Greece

  • Gabarone, Botswana

  • Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Nadi, Fiji

  • Pekalongan, Indonesia

  • Seoul, South Korea

  • Oahu, Hawaii

Besides traveling physically, we will be capturing the cultural dance of:

  • American Sign Language (Gallaudet University Dance Company)

  • Honduras

  • Rwanda

  • India

  • Scotland

  • Ireland

  • Japan

  • Spain

So as you can see, we are in for an exciting adventure!

Also, we are initiating a Video Journal (Vlog) of our experiences. We'll be sharing the travel, "behind the scenes" of the shooting, and interviews with some of the amazing people we will be meeting along the way. We hope you'll enjoy these glimpses into this journey of film and friendship. And we are still raising money, so we are very grateful to the wonderful people who have sent a check or money order, or who click on that PayPal button. You're the owners of this project! Thank you so much!

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