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Highland Fling

Katy Dillon's West Virginia Highland Dancers look like normal

girls...until they start dancing. Then, they seem to defy the rules of physics. In graceful unison, they seem to barely touch the ground. Their colorful kilts flare out as they spin and leap. Small wonder that these girls are recognized at the national level for their dance accomplishment!

As we were filming on Davis & Elkins College Campus, the WV Highland Dancers were able to utilize the stunning architecture of the iconic archways there, evoking the stone structures of Scotland. An outdoor amphitheater was also used, allowing us to film them against the brilliant green sloping lawn. A lull in the rain that had challenged us for most of the shoot let us fly the drone and get some aerial shots of the dancing. Through it all, the dancers were indefatigable. When we expressed worry that the drone shot might be too exhausting for them, the parents seemed to feel that these kids were used to physical challenging circumstances. We were totally impressed with the artistry of the troupe, and the support of the families.

The group had been choreographing and practicing their dance for four months, and it was amazing to see how they matched the traditional Scottish traditional dance movement to the symphonic music. They definitely express the joy of dancing, and the beauty of the ancient tradition of the Scots.

Katy Dillon and parents look on as the dancers ready for the next shot.

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