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My filmmaking friends might enjoy hearing about the unusual way this movie is being made. Each of our dance groups are in different locations, and each location has its own characteristics. Because we are shooting in a short (4 to 4 hour) time period, we need to be ready to handle extremely different circumstances.

Here are a few of the issues we've encountered in our planning:

1) Getting a carnet. Bringing equipment into a country is sometimes seen as "importing" meaning it would generate a tariff. A document, called a carnet (Kahr-nay) is like a passport for equipment. It's been an entire learning process to organize, inventory and list every battery and cable to be part of this document.

2) Weather. Because we are traveling from Northern Europe to Southern Africa to Asia, to the South Pacific, to Northern Asia, to the mid-Pacific, our preparations must include numerous weather possibilities. Not an easy task!

3) Luggage. Packing and carrying gear has to come first, so our personal clothing and necessities must share space with our equipment.

4) Transportation. In certain places, we are looking for drivers, because navigating a totally new road system can be daunting, especially under a tight schedule.

5) Food. An army marches on its stomach, and so do film crews. We can't afford to get ill during our journey, so bottled or boiled water and cooked food are the rule. Full stop.

6) Communication. In the world of smart phones and laptops, we have been fortunate to be able to communicate internationally, which helps us iron out a lot of issues. However, languages and systems are different from place to place.

7) Regulations. In every venue, different rules apply. We have been inundated by the need for permits and permissions and insurance and forms.

8) Mobility. Consolidating gear and ensuring that everything can be carried or moved from place to place is another headache. Getting heavy equipment up multiple flights of stairs, or to a precarious place, is a major issue.

"How does a four-person crew film a global dance film of 24 groups in 33 days?" You'll be able to follow our journey on our Blog and Vlog, "Following Joy." Be sure to subscribe and "like" it! Thanks!

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