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Overcoming Challenges

Despite the overall optimism of this project, it's a daunting--really overwhelming--effort. With anything you can have challenges. We can try and plan for the unexpected, but sometimes you can't think of everything.

Here are a few challenges we are facing:

Every new location has fresh obstacles. Getting permissions--finding vendors--understanding the specific nature of the area--weather--and just plain old "time and space." It takes a certain time to travel to each place, to load and unload our equipment, to find angles that will capture the dance. Even flooring and footwear are an issue!

Communication. When you have been in the film industry for some time you realize that not everyone doesn't speak film set language. Dancers and dancer director (dance coordinator is a different word) have their own language. Each country has their own language, religion, and culture. Miscommunication, also.

Logistics: Food, Wifi, accommodations, transportation, speaking the language, and trying to speak with people that knows little English, dietary issues, and financial issues.

The travel schedule is intense. We will be in changing countries almost every three days somethings shorter. Example, because of an early flight to Greece, our hotel room wasn't ready until noon. So, what did we have to do? Sleep on floor of the lobby of the hotel until we told to leave. Thank God for hotel desk help they help us navigate through the various locations and help find support.

Health and safety is a huge factor. Because of the intense schedule, we have to use our time wisely even if they means little or no sleep. But also to function on a sleep deprivate mind. But then that means that you are going to bed early or taking a power nap while in a taxi or waiting for the next activity.

Vitamins, wearing a sick mask, washing hands are just a few things we are doing to keep from getting. We can't get sick.

We are dealing with character building with the people we meet. If it's from the dancers, to the taxi driver, to the airport desk help. Every person we are meeting and interacting with.

We are finding when there is struggle there is a blessing after. Example: Even though we arrived to Greece with having no bed to crash to, we later found a driver. (Our plan was to take the taxi everywhere)

In short, this is a mammoth undertaking, and we are doing it with the fewest people possible.

Honestly, the film is quite ambitious--and being done with the minimum of funds and manpower. If though it's hard it's so worth it. Every minute and every seconds is making a difference.

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