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Behind Story: Part 2

Second, in Bostwana the place we were staying was called the Nare & Phiri House, which is one of many houses of the Moritshane Estate. It was a beautiful handmade home looking out to the beautiful landscape of Gaborone. It's a small round house with traditional straw thatching roof and small rooms cut out with a stairwell. Mr. Thomas Horneman, the owner and maker of the Moritshane Estate.. Mr. Thomas and his wife together host the houses. Mrs. Cathleen provides a catering service, Zulani Catering, when you stay. The crew members said that their favorite food out of the whole trip was the chicken from the braai. If you ever are in Gaborone, Botswana please stay at the Moritshane Estate.

In Gaborone, it's tradition to have patio-like courtyard called lolwapa is to gather around as a village to make decision. It's custom to not have one person make all the decision. The final decision is made as a whole.

L-R Mr. Jorn Horneman (Thomas's father), Cathleen Horneman (Chef) and Mr. Thomas Horneman

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