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Feed your Soul

I don't know about you, but many times I find myself taking care of everyone else, and everything else, and forgetting to fill up my own tank. Not only do I forget to eat, I also forget to add to what inspires me, what gives me hope, what makes me happy. When I get this way, I remember the video we always see on the airplane, with the oxygen masks, and the image of putting on your own mask before you try to help the other person.

What are things that give you energy? It is a good talk? A delicious meal? A walk outdoors? An inspiring movie? Beautiful music? Lovely artwork? Powerful stories? A thriving garden?

I want to remind you to give yourself the gift of what you love, not just as an occasional reward, but as a daily habit. Fill your heart, your lungs, your eyes and ears, your entire self--with the things that bring you deep satisfaction and pure joy.

We all want and need to be happy. I maintain that happiness should be our natural state, our "zero point" that lets us calibrate. The moments we have ahead of us can be filled with whatever we choose--with suffering, with anger, with hatred, with blame, with frustration...or with joy. And when we choose the things that bring us joy, we naturally push out the stuff that doesn't.

Don't delay happiness. Embrace it. Squeeze every drop out of every moment, and live it to the maximum.

And, if you want to feed your soul with a film that brings the finest music together with the beautiful traditional dances--and natural beauty--of our world, check out the film Dancing Joy. (


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