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Nothing but Joy

When choosing entertainment, why not create a new family tradition? Many attend performances of the Nutcracker ballet, or Handel's Messiah, or concerts of sacred and secular Christmas favorites. Vintage films are another big draw--It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas Carol, and many others.

We'd like to suggest adding "Dancing Joy" to your holiday seasonal activities. Beethoven's message of joy--of all mankind living as brothers--of millions embraced in a total and complete love from the Divine--is celebrated in the dance of 21 nations and cultures.

This is the message of hope that is at the very heart of the season: that humanity longs for peace on earth, goodwill for all people--and that an innocent child is a promise of divine purpose.

This film uplifts and encourages. It's a testimony to the vast beauty and love that can still be found in our world. It refreshes the heart.

If you'd like to share Dancing Joy with someone special, we'll do the wrapping, shipping and even write your message on a beautiful card. Let this season be...nothing but joy.


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