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The Artist's Dilemma

Every creator has an ultimate intention of sharing that creation with others. The most delicious meal is wasted if there is no one to enjoy it. The most beautiful music or painting remains incomplete until it is experienced by an audience. Art wants to reach souls.

Yet, an artist is often a transmitter of some idea or vision that has never been encountered before. I think of artists like finely tuned instruments, who reach far into a distant vibration, and resonate with it, and then translate it into a form that others can perceive.

The composer--the painter--the inventor--the choreographer--who becomes intrigued, then obsessed, and finally compelled by a certain vision--produces something powerful that fires others' response.

The great novel may inspire someone else to paint something, and yet another person to sing something, and a third person to build something. Art doesn't stop with the initial work--it motivates a chain of new creation, new production. We are all here, on this earth, to create. Creating is a human characteristic. It's also what links us to our divine source. When we create something that reflects the deep conviction of our own selfhood, we feel immense satisfaction. We feel joy.

Is there a nagging vision you've been hugging close for years? Is there something you daydream about doing or learning or making? Do it. You'll not only feel more alive and more fully yourself--but you'll be giving a great gift to the rest of us!

(For inspiration, check out Dancing Joy,



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